présentation sur salon du premier détecteur de chute de hauteur

Fall-Alarmsystem was present on the Expoprotection hub to present its PTiH device based on a unique algorithm that differentiates a fall from a jump. Our Start-up has distinguished thanks to its technological innovation in the field of the protection of isolated workers and height. The presentation of the 1st Fall from height detector (LWSh) to confirm all the expectations on the product.

Tests and tests for an optimal result

“Our start-up has made more than 1,000 falls with an anthropomorphic dummy to identify the characteristics of accidental falls in height that can be experienced by isolated workers wearing a safety harness”

FAS1 connected to a server in the cloud

“Following these tests, we have developed a safe and reliable algorithm. This algorithm is patented and embedded in the FAS1 chip, which attaches directly to the safety harness strap worn by workers working at height. ”

The characteristics of the case

“The FAS1 Device works in perfect autonomy and in case of accidental fall from height, it communicates automatically by GSM / GPRS with our web interface. Our server then takes over and automatically contacts the pre-registered people according to the predefined procedure. The person who will process the alert receives an SMS with the telephone number contained in the SIM card of the LWS Device. If the fall victim manages to speak, it remains to be seen whether she needs help or not. If this is the case, a rescue procedure need to be launch. “